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The All-Natural Formula for All Life Stages of Your Dog

For centuries, dogs have flourished eating the same diet over their entire lifetime. Dogs are meat eaters, and nature has always provided all of the elements they need to live a long and healthy life from day one without including excessive fats, chemicals, and synthetic preservatives.

Over the last 3 to 4 decades, pet owners have grown accustomed to feeding a diet loaded with fillers and unnatural additives. Today, we find a world full of overweight, weak-boned, cancerous, and old-before-their-time pets that need specialized diets, on- going vet visits, and many times, expensive prescription medications.

It is documented fact that, in most cases, these problems could have been avoided through proper nutrition.

Earthblend is a perfectly balanced diet that can be fed throughout all life stages, from puppy through adulthood, without ever changing the formula. It is the only food your dog will ever need! Simply follow the feeding guidelines and adjust amounts according to your dog's activity level.


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